Secure payment from LCL bank  

Which credit cards are accepted ?
Our payment system accepts the following credit cards:
How do I make a purchase online ?
1. After having chosen your article and having stored it in your selection, you click on the button "ORDER".
2. You will then be taken to the form for entering your delivery and billing details.
3. After validating your details, a summary order form is displayed with the "BUY ONLINE" button.
4. You then open a secure SSL session on the LCL site, where you will be asked for your banking information (card type, card number, validity date, etc.).

Why can you make purchases online in complete security ?
The payment method offered is the secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) payment. This is the method used to make bank transactions on the Internet in complete security. It uses an encryption method called "RSA public key algorithm".
This process uses two pairs of keys: a public key and a private key. When the user enters the secure site, the public key is recognised by the browser, while the private key remains on the LCL server (and is therefore unbreakable). The data is then encrypted in the user's browser. But only the private key can decrypt this information.
It is this complementarity that makes any ill-intentioned person unable to decipher the message.
This payment protocol is standard and recognised worldwide for the protection of data transmitted on the Internet. It is available on almost all browsers (Internet Explorer V3.02 and following from Microsoft, Navigator V1.1 and following from Netscape...)


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